Here’s Something You Should Know About Buying a Air Conditioning  System Installation…

…Before It’s Too Late.


Buy Your Next Air Conditioning  System Installation at Chad’s AC Direct and Save

Every day homeowners pay $6,000 to $7000 or more for the exact air conditioning  system installation I install for only $4900 or *$99 a month with $0 Down Payment.

Wise Homeowners – Be Aware

Because retail service contractors often mark-up their cost by 100%, pay 8-10% in sales commissions and then add $500 or more to the price of every system to cover marketing cost, a contractor’s $2,500 total job cost can easily cost you $5,500.  Just the sales commission alone costs you $440 to $550.  It’s crazy…

How Can I Sell Your AC for So Much Less?

Because of low overhead, low marketing cost and because I ‘m not on commission, I can save you $100’s, often $1,000’s, on your home’s next air conditioning and heating system.  I’ve been installing quality heating and cooling system for custom home builders at wholesale prices since 1993 and now you can buy at A/C Direct to “Builder Wholesale Prices” too!

Why Is This Such a Wise Investment?

Because you get expert installation, priority service calls and a 10-year parts and labor warranty.  Plus, your total comfort, correct system size, and quality workmanship are 100% Guaranteed Or I’ll Redo The Job Absolutely Free!

Call Right Away, Installations Are Limited…

So please give me a call at the first sign of trouble or if you’re tired of wasting money on repairs and high utility bills*.  Every Estimate and Second Opinion is Free of Charge.  I look forward to putting my “Free Written Estimate” in your hands.  One simple call could literally save you from wasting $1,000’s on AIR CONDITIONING  SYSTEM INSTALLATION….

(*W.A.C. *Price increases on material and equipment are beyond my control and subject to change without notice.)

Chad’s A/C Direct

“Why pay retail when you can buy direct”