Central Air Conditioning Systems by Goodman

We proudly install Central Air Conditioning Systems by Goodman


Save Big When You Install Central Air Conditioning

Thinking that it’s time to install central air conditioning? Montgomery area homes and businesses overwhelmingly use centrally-based cooling systems, but many older buildings do not.

Call Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning before you finalize your decision to install central air conditioning. HVAC contractors are not all alike.  Our company can save you thousands of dollars on a new heating and air conditioning system, while guaranteeing you’ll be absolutely satisfied with your system and our workmanship.

Chad Wiswall began his company nearly 20 years ago as an alternative to existing contractors. We believed that commissions, marketing and advertising costs and excessive markups made heating and cooling systems more expensive than they should have been.  Chad wanted to install central air conditioning Montgomery residents could afford.  Today, there’s no need to be miserable during a central Alabama summer simply because a contractor has priced an AC system beyond your ability to pay.

Contact Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning today. We’ll answer every question you have about heating and air conditioning, and we’re happy to come to your home or business to provide a free installation estimate.

When We Install Central Air Conditioning, You Get Quality Service and Wholesale Prices

Still uncertain about whether you should install central air conditioning? Property owners who hire Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning enjoy wholesale prices and a 10-year warranty on parts and labor. If that isn’t enough incentive to buy, consider these other benefits:

  • Cleaner Air.  A properly-working system actually “vacuums” particles from the air and traps them in a filter.
  • Less noise. Condensers located outside are much quieter than window AC units, or even fans.
  • Whole house cooling. Your entire home remains comfortable, even during the hottest part of the day, with an efficient central air conditioning system.

When we install central air conditioning, our HVAC customers are satisfied or we redo the job for free. That’s a promise from Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning.

Call us today at 334-651-0582 or submit an online AC quote request.