A Goodman AC Dealer, Delivering Value

Call Chad’s AC Direct For Replacement of Your Old AC System at Wholesale Prices

 Goodman AC Dealer
Goodman AC Dealer

Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Service is a Goodman AC dealer for Alabama’s River Region because we believe in delivering great value to our customers.

Goodman Manufacturing Company has manufactured quality HVAC systems since 1982. As a Goodman AC dealer of many years, Chad’s AC Direct finds their products to be reliable in both homes and businesses throughout the hot and humid South.

Also, a Goodman HVAC system can be purchased at economical prices. Combined with Chad’s wholesale pricing policy that means you save big – in some cases, thousands of dollars – when you hire us to replace your current system with Goodman.

Don’t wait until your air conditioning breaks down to schedule an installation of a Goodman HVAC system.

Call Chad’s AC Direct, the Goodman AC dealer for greater Montgomery, at 334-264-6464.

Determining if a Goodman HVAC System is Right for You

Chad’s AC Direct considers two chief factors before installing an HVAC system in a home or business:

  • Is replacement necessary? As a Goodman AC dealer, our company is eager to show you the benefits of a new heating and cooling system. But Chad’s AC Direct also understands that often your current system can continue to operate efficiently with a good tune-up and conscientious maintenance.
  • The size of the system. A building’s HVAC system should adequately control temperatures in all rooms without wasting energy. A Chad’s AC Direct technician conducts a load calculation to determine the ideal system for your home or business. You can be certain of receiving the right system for the right price. 

With every installation or service call, Chad’s offers this guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our work for any reason, the owner will return the next day to make the necessary repairs. We stand behind our workmanship and our products.

Learn more about a new HVAC system installed by Chad’s AC Direct, a qualified Goodman AC dealer. Call us today at 334-264-6464.

Our service area includes Montgomery and nearby Millbrook, Prattville, Pike Road, Slapout, Marbury, Hope Hull, Tallassee, Shorter, and Wetumpka.