Air Conditioning That Suits Your Home and Family

We Provide Honest AC Installation Service to Save You Money and Keep You Comfortable 

Choosing an air conditioning system that fits your type of home and the needs of your family can be complicated. A reputable AC installation company can simplify things for you.

Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Service is the long-time Montgomery-area AC installation company that takes every factor – including price – into account when recommending a heating and cooling system for your home or building.

In choosing the AC system that suits you best, we consider the size and type of home in which you live. We also understand that a large family has different heating and cooling requirements than a single homeowner.

Our ultimate goal is to save you money while keeping your building or home comfortable year around. Chad’s AC Direct has worked hard since 1993 to establish a reputation as an honest AC installation company that never tries to “upsell” customers who are unfamiliar with air conditioning concepts.

Many contractors use marketing gimmicks such as inexpensive tune-ups as opportunities to sell unneeded parts or services. Not Chad’s AC Direct.

Find out for yourself how Chad’s AC Direct compares to other contractors. Email or call us today for a free on-site consultation and estimate.

Call the AC Installation Company Montgomery Trusts at 334-651-0582. 

Additional questions you may want to ask yourself about your air conditioning system:

  • Do I need an entirely new AC system or just a renovation?
  • Does my AC installation company guarantee its work? How long has it been in business?
  • What types of air conditioning systems can I choose from?

If you need answers to these questions, don’t wait! The hot summer months will be here before you realize.

Chad’s AC Direct has provided residential and commercial AC installation service for the Montgomery metropolitan area, including the communities of Slapout, Marbury, Hope Hull, Tallassee and Shorter, since 1993. Call us today at 334-651-0582.