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air conditioner not cooling
 air conditioner not cooling


Is your air conditioner not cooling as it should?

This is a huge problem during a Montgomery summer. Your family is miserable in a house without AC, while your business risks losing customers or creating lethargic employees when a workplace is uncomfortably warm.

Your sluggish AC could be due to any one of a number of malfunctions.  Chad’s AC Direct air conditioning installation and service knows how to fix them all and at a reasonable price.

Every Chad’s AC technician carries ample supplies and the right equipment to make repairs, so one service call is all it should take. Our company also guarantees all our repairs – if your AC still does not work after our visit, a Chad’s AC Direct technician will return the next day to fix it again, for free.

If your air conditioner is not cooling properly, call us today at 334-651-0582. We’ll be there as soon as possible, so the time you’ll be without AC is minimal. Chad’s AC Direct, serving Alabama’s River Region since 1991, does AC installation and repairs throughout the metro Montgomery area, including the nearby communities of Slapout, Marbury, Hope Hull, Pike Road, Tallassee, Shorter, Millbrook and Wetumpka.

Some Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling

A Chad’s AC Direct technician initially looks at several possibilities when an air conditioner is not cooling adequately:

  • Low freon levels. A leak is one of the most common reasons why air conditioners run low on freon. We’ll recommend fixing the leak if this is a frequent occurance, not simply replenishing freon.
  • Incorrect thermostat settings. It may seem obvious, but thermostats are sometimes mistakenly set to “heat” instead of “cool.” Often, the fan may be set to operate alone, blowing warm air.
  • The outdoor unit or air filter needs cleaning. When dirt is removed, AC units are able to properly process refrigerant and send cool air into buildings. It’s wise to have your unit and air filter cleaned at least once a year.
  • Mechanical breakdowns. A non-functioning fan motor is another common cause for air conditioners to not cool. AC systems that operate day and night in the summer should be inspected twice a year to avoid costly mechanical breakdowns.

Call Chad’s AC Direct today at the first sign your air conditioner is not cooling your home or commercial space. Reach us now at 334-651-0582.