Call for Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance in Montgomery

A Visit From Us Keeps Energy Costs Down and Your Family Comfortable

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Montgomery
Air Conditioner Maintenance in Montgomery


Air conditioner maintenance in Montgomery done by Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Service is backed by our signature guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with any repair or maintenance work we perform on your HVAC system, a Chad’s technician will return the next day to fix whatever is wrong. We want every customer to be 100 percent satisfied with our workmanship and the products we sell.

If you need air conditioner maintenance in Montgomery, or any of the outlying River Region communities we serve, our guarantee is your assurance that your system will be running at peak efficiency after our service call.

The emphasis that Chad’s AC Direct places on customer service is one reason we continue to be a top Montgomery heating and cooling contractor after 20 years.

Call Chad’s AC Direct today at 334-264-6464 for air conditioner maintenance.

Signs that You Require Air Conditioner Maintenance

Fifty percent or more of your energy costs come from your heating and cooling system. That’s why an efficient HVAC system is so important.

Regular visits from a Chad’s AC Direct technician for air conditioner maintenance keep your family or business cool regardless of how high the temperature climbs. Some indications your system is not doing its job:

  • Uneven room temperatures. Even rooms that face sunlight or on the second story should be cool when the AC is running. Something’s wrong if some rooms are comfortable while others can’t seem to cool down.
  • Humid indoor air. Air conditioning draws moisture from the air. Rooms that keep that “moist” feeling when the AC is in on is another indication your system needs checking.
  • Higher energy bills. Compare past utility bills to recent ones. If your costs are going up without major changes in lifestyle, your AC system may be the reason.

You can arrange for air conditioner maintenance throughout the year by calling Chad’s AC Direct at today at 334-264-6464.

Our service area includes Montgomery, Millbrook, Prattville, Pike Road, Slapout, Marbury, Hope Hull, Tallassee, Shorter, and Wetumpka, AL.