Searching for a Quality AC Repair Contractor

AC Repair Contractor An AC repair contractor who is dependable and honest is as valuable to an Alabama household as a decent plumber, or even a skilled doctor. 

But the time to choose your heating and cooling contractor is in the fall or winter — not when River Region weather heats up, your system conks out, and desperation sets in. In those cases, too many unscrupulous companies take advantage of property owners by making unnecessary or shoddy repairs and overcharging for them.

Screen for an AC repair contractor at your leisure, when your HVAC system is performing well, because sooner or later, you’ll need a technician either to fix problems or install a new system. 

How to Find a Good AC Repair Contractor 

  • Check credentials. Reputable AC contractors are licensed by the state, insured, and certified by industry associations such as NATE, or North American Technician Excellence. A Better Business Bureau record of outstanding customer service helps, too.
  • Compare contractors. One method of sizing up an HVAC contractor is to inquire about their maintenance contracts. If a company offers free or incredibly cheap contracts to service your system twice a year, be skeptical. A contractor should be willing to provide details on what is inspected during a service call. Also, find out if the contractor routinely trains employees in order to keep up with the latest HVAC technology.
  • Rely on YOUR references, not theirs. Most contractors are able to cherry-pick customers for positive referrals. Taking the time to independently solicit the opinions of neighbors or friends who have had heating and cooling work done recently is worth the effort. You’re more apt to get an unbiased sense of a contractor’s ability from these customers.

Chad’s AC Direct serves business and residential customers in the metro Montgomery area and the neighboring cities of Shorter, Slapout, Marbury, Prattville, Hope Hull, Pike Road, Tallassee, Millbrook and Wetumpka. 

Signs You Need an AC Repair Contractor

How do you know when you need an AC repair contractor? 

Most of the time, your system will signal that it’s time for a check-up. Most common indications include odd sounds from the outside compressor or a system that runs but doesn’t circulate cool air. 

For an AC repair contractor with experience, up-to-date knowledge, and integrity, call 334-651-0582 to schedule an appointment with a Chad’s AC Direct technician.