Mini-split system installed in kitchen

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Split Air Conditioners

Choose the Type of AC System Based On the Needs of Your Home and Family

Is a split air conditioner the right choice for your home? Because there are more than one type of split AC systems, let Chad’s AC Direct help you decide which one is most cost-effective for you and your family or business.

Many property owners are familiar with central AC systems that are “split” into two main components. The unit outside of the home or building cools the air and deals with condensation. The inside unit circulates the cooled air throughout the home via duct work in walls, attics or basements.

But we offer a split air conditioner that is gaining popularity in the Montgomery-area. So-called mini split systems are wonderfully quiet and can cut the cost of cooling in half.

Chad’s AC Direct expertly installs AC systems of both types for prices below what most contractors charge. We directly sell to you, without retail markups and commission, while guaranteeing the highest standards of workmanship for new installation or repairs.

Call Chad’s AC Direct today to schedule a consultation or have your questions about a split air conditioner answered. Residents of the Montgomery metropolitan area, including the communities of Slapout, Marbury, Hope Hull, Tallassee and Shorter, may call us at 334-264-6464. Millbrook and Prattville customers may call 334-361-6419. And the number in Wetumpka is 334-514-6464.

Picking the Right Split Air Conditioner

In many cases, a modernsplit central AC system that cools evenly throughout your home or building will be an efficient and cost-effective way to keep comfortable during the hot months.

But a mini split air conditioner is a wise choice if:

  • Your building has no duct work.  Mini splits cool a room directly. One unit is located outside, generally near the room to be cooled. The inside unit is mounted on a wall. Lines that carry condensation and cool air connect the two units through the wall, but don’t require nearly the space of duct work.
  • You don’t want to cool every room. Each mini split air conditioner can be independently operated. You may cool only a living space during the day, then switch on the bedroom unit at night.

Every home and family is different, so deciding which split air conditioner will work best is often a matter of taste. Contact the AC systems experts at Chad’s AC Direct for help in making this choice.