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Pike Road Air Conditioning Maintenance

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For residents of Pike Road, air conditioning maintenance is a necessary chore to keep your heating and cooling systems operating at peak efficiency while saving you money.

Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Service has been performing air conditioning maintenance in Pike Road since starting our business in 1992. Over those 20-plus years, we’ve stressed to our customers the importance of regularly-scheduled HVAC “checkups.”

During those checkups, our technicians fix heating or cooling problems you may be experiencing, and also look for signs of future problems. A small adjustment done at an early stage can avoid an inconvenient breakdown – and a large bill – months later.

Has it been awhile since you’ve had the AC serviced in your home or business in Pike Road? Air conditioning maintenance and installation calls done by a Chad’s AC Direct technician always comes with our well-known service guarantee, so call us today at 334-651-0582.

What Every Pike Road Air Conditioning Maintenance Checkup Entails

Maintenance on an HVAC system differs according to age and brand, but a Chad’s AC Direct professional will inspect these essential areas during a typical service call:

  • Overall cleanliness. Motors and evaporator and condensate coils should be free of grime and dust.
  • Condensate drain. A plugged drain can cause a great deal of water damage.
  • Air filter. A filter that is dirty wastes energy. We’ll either clean or replace it.
  • Voltage and amp draw. Motors operate best with proper voltage and amp draw.
  • Lubrication. Motors, bearings and other moving parts that are well-lubricated last longer.
  • Connections. Electrical, gas and oil connections should be snug.
  • Refrigerant levels.  Checked and filled to proper levels.
  • Controls and settings. Ensuring your system will operate safely and reliably with controls and settings that are correct.

For air conditioning maintenance in Pike Road, and peace of mind during the hot summer months, call Chad’s AC Direct today at 334-651-0582 to schedule a checkup.

In addition to Pike Road and the metro Montgomery area, our service cities include Slapout, Marbury, Hope Hull, Tallassee, Millbrook and Wetumpka.