Your Local Millbrook Mitsubishi AC Dealer

When Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning first became a Millbrook Mitsubishi AC dealer, we weren’t certain if the “minisplit” concept would be popular with customers.

Minisplits are AC units that cool individual rooms instead of an entire building. They are NOT window air conditioners.

Rather, a minisplit air conditioning unit is a permanent fixture that consists of a condenser unit that is placed outside the home, a cooling unit mounted on an interior wall, and electrical and refrigerant lines, running through a wall, that connect the two units.

In Alabama, central AC is the method of cooling that is most common and best-understood. As a Millbrook Mitsubishi AC dealer, Chad’s had the task of identifying homes and businesses that might benefit from the installation of mini-splits, and convincing owners of the long-term energy savings they could realize with this alternative air conditioning system.

We were pleasantly surprised when the benefits to the minisplit system were immediately apparent to customers in Millbrook and the greater Montgomery area. The outstanding quality and dependability of Mitsubishi AC products didn’t hurt, either.

In the last several years, we’ve become a very busy Millbrook Mitsubishi AC dealer with a long list of satisfied owners of minisplit systems.

To learn more about installing mini-split AC in your home or business, call Chad’s AC Direct today at 334-651-0582. Our customer area includes Millbrook and the Montgomery metropolitan area, including the communities of Slapout, Prattville, Marbury, Hope Hull, Tallassee, Shorter and Wetumpka.

Call Your Millbrook Mitsubishi AC Dealer at 334-651-0582

A mini-split AC system could be the ideal way to cool your home or business if:

  • You need more cooling capacity for a recent addition.
  • Installing ductwork is not feasible.
  • Wish to cool just a room or two at a time.

Mitsubishi mini-splits also feature near-silent operation and sophisticated filters that  keep indoor air fresh and clean.

Got more questions? Call Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning, your local Millbrook Mitsubishi AC dealer, at 334-651-0582. We’re happy to explain the advantages of the minisplit system and discuss the details of installing the air conditioning system you select in your home or business.