Chad’s AC – Montgomery’s HVAC Contractor recommends UV lights for AC units

UV lights for air conditioning units are very good in helping with the quality of the air of your home or commercial building.  In my home, I have one in the return and one on the indoor coil because I don’t want to get build up of algae in my indoor coil pan causing emergency calls from an HVAC system failure. Stopped up drains is not covered under a 10 year parts and labor warranty issue or repair.   UV lights in your air conditioning unit also help prevent mold build up on your coils.   You can feel the difference!

The UV light needs to shine on the area to be protected, so I would recommend one every 24′ in the AC supply duct  and one in the return and one at your indoor coil.  If you can only afford one UV light unit then I would recommend one on the indoor coil area or in the AC return only. The reason is think of yourself being in a car wash going 1 mph verses going 10 mph which is going to clean better?  The one going 1 mph that is the same in a AC supply the air moves slower than in a AC return. When the air moves slower it has more cleaning effect on your air. If you have a standard pleated filter I have seen these lights in the AC supply line slow down the dust mites which can build up in your supply duct. But it is still best to have a CleanEffects air cleaner with UV lights in the system.

So please give Chad’s AC Direct of Montgomery a call at the first sign of mold, air quality issues, HVAC trouble or if you’re just tired of wasting money on AC repairs, heater repairs, and high utility bills.  Every HVAC Estimate and Second-Opinion is Free of Charge. I look forward to putting my “Free Written Estimate” in your hands. One simple call could literally save you from wasting $1,000′s.