HVAC Return Leaks Need to be Repaired

Air leaks are a major efficiency killer of heating and AC systems so make sure the return is sealed with blue board or duct board with silver facing inside so the fiberglass is not facing in the air intake. Cost to seal a AC return is around $100-$150.

HVAC Supply Leaks…also should be fixed

Most leaks are around take offs and supply plenum so mastic the take offs and supply plenum. Cost is around $15.00 a vent sealing and $15.00 for supply plenum.

So please give Chad’s AC Direct of Montgomery a call at the first sign of HVAC trouble or if you’re just tired of wasting money on AC repairs, heater repairs, and high utility bills.  Every HVAC Estimate and Second-Opinion is Free of Charge. I look forward to putting my “Free Written Estimate” in your hands. One simple call could literally save you from wasting $1,000′s.