Chad’s AC – Montgomery’s HVAC Contractor advises on replacing vs HVAC repair


Extra Energy- 3 years$1280$0
Future Repairs- 3 years$650$0
Replace System- 3 years$5957$0
Total Cost$8356$4900


1.   Replace- price for new system at today’s prices.

2.   Repair- cost of repairing the old unit today.

3.   Extra Energy- (3yrs)- dollars wasted if repaired in 3 yrs.

4.   Future Repairs- estimated at $210 a year x 3 yrs.

5.   Replace System- (3yrs)- replace in 3 years@3.9% inflation

6.   Total Cost- over the next 3 years for each decision.

$36 Wasted Utility Dollars x (12) Months x (3) years= $1280

So, Should you Repair or Replace your HVAC System?

You should replace your system if it has a repair cost of over $450 and out of manufacture warranty.  If your system is over 10 years old and you have a big service bill.

It is always better to replace your system if it is 8-12 years old because of the warranty. Just be careful. You need to get proof of the warranty from the manufacture and not the installation company. Warranties cost about $400 to $500. It is never better to replace your system if the company that is putting it in over charges you because they want to make more profit. This happens mostly in the summer when everyone is so busy. They increase their price 20 to 50 percent.

One reason not to replace your system would be that you are about to sell the house. Another reason would be the repair cost is low under $300. Next you just don’t have the money or you cannot get financed or if someone charges you over $6,200.

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