Not All Montgomery Air Conditioning Companies Are Alike

Among the many air conditioning companies Montgomery residents have to choose from, Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning offers quality workmanship and materials, wholesale prices and nearly two decades of conscientious customer service.  We approach heating and cooling from a homeowner’s point of view, so we consider ourselves unlike most air conditioning companies. Montgomery residents who were accustomed to expensive AC contractors made a happy discovery in 1993, when Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning began doing business.

They found that Chad’s AC is different from other Montgomery air conditioning companies because we offered greater value. Chad’s sold HVAC systems directly to homeowners instead of marking costs up by as much as 100 percent. We kept our overhead low, took no commission and installed AC systems appropriate for the size of the home, no larger.

Nearly 20 years later we enjoy a stellar reputation that we work hard to keep with every job we undertake. Trust Chad’s AC Direct Heating and Air Conditioning to install, maintain or repair your home’s air conditioning system with the integrity that has been an integral part of our philosophy since 1993.

How to Shop for Air Conditioning Companies in the Montgomery Area

Researching air conditioning companies in Montgomery is a good idea, whether you need to find a contractor immediately or wish to do your homework before problems arise. Some things to consider before hiring an HVAC company:

  • Licensed and Bonded. Some contractors who look legitimate may not be licensed by the state or carry insurance. Do not hire them.
  • Check references. Friends, relatives and neighbors are good resources for contractor services. Reputable Montgomery air conditioning companies should provide references, but independent referrals are much better.
  • Longevity. Montgomery air conditioning companies that have been in business a long time are most likely to provide good customer service, although exceptions exist.
  • On-site evaluation and estimate. A contractor should be willing to perform an evaluation of your home’s heating and cooling system with an estimate of cost and how long it will take to complete a job.

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