Use Air Conditioning Filters for Better Health

The EPA states that “Indoor air quality is the number one environmental health problem today.” Indoor levels of pollutants can be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels. Continual inhalation of polluted air in your home coupled with highly polluted, smog-filled outdoor air can cause you to feel tired, suffer from allergies and even cause long term health issues. Give us a call to schedule a convenient time to ensure that you are breathing the healthiest air possible in your home.  Indoor Air Conditioning Filters are the answer!

I use HEPA whole house air cleaner. It has one intake vent on one side of house and a outlet on opposite side. CleanEffects or equal for the system filter. And if you have a return AC duct you need a 1 inch electronic filter. Just make sure you have enough air cleaning return size to allow for the thickness of the filter. There is nothing like clean air through a new air conditioning filter. Clean air means less medicine for you, fewer doctor visits for the kids, and you just feel better. If your ac filter installation does not catch the dirt you can’t see then your lungs do.

The estimated cost of a whole house HEPA installed is about $800, “CleanEffects” runs $800, or with a system $990 to $1290 for the AC filter only.

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