Here’s Something You Should Know About Buying Air Conditioning

…Before It’s Too Late.


Buy Your Next Air Conditioning System at Chad’s AC Direct and Save

Every day homeowners pay $5,500 -$6,000 or more for the exact air conditioning and heating system I install for only $4900 or *$99 a month with $0 Down Payment.

Wise Homeowners – Be Aware

Because retail service contractors often mark-up their cost by 100%, pay 8-10% in sales commissions and then add $500 or more to the price of every system to cover marketing cost, a contractor’s $2,500 total job cost can easily cost you $5,500.  Just the sales commission alone costs you $440 to $550.  It’s crazy…

How Can I Sell Your AC for So Much Less?

Because of low overhead, low marketing cost and because I ‘m not on commission, I can save you $100’s, often $1,000’s, on your home’s next air conditioning and heating system.  I’ve been installing quality heating and cooling system for custom homebuilders at wholesale prices since 1993 and now you can buy at A/C Direct to “Builder Wholesale Prices” too!

Why Is This Such a Wise Investment?

Because you get expert installation, priority service calls and a 10-year parts and labor warranty.  Plus, your total comfort, correct system size, and quality workmanship are 100% Guaranteed Or I’ll Redo The Job Absolutely Free!

Call Right Away, Installations Are Limited…

So please give me a call at the first sign of trouble or if you’re tired of wasting money on repairs and high utility bills*.  Every Estimate and Second Opinion is Free of Charge.  I look forward to putting my “Free Written Estimate” in your hands.  One simple call could literally save you from wasting $1,000’s.

(*W.A.C. *Price increases on material and equipment are beyond my control and subject to change without notice.)

Chad’s A/C Direct

“Why pay retail when you can buy direct”